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Family Group Page Description

The family group pages have been built Using the TRIPOD Quick
Page Builder and the Homepage Housekeeper. Each page has a title in
the format of Lastname, Firstname etc. The colors used are generally
the default, but not required. The content of the pages is divided
into five parts as follows:

1. Basic Family Group sheet information with the head of household
as a large heading on the page. The format generally follows as data
is laid out on a typical family group sheet, but not restricted to
an exact format if additional information is available that adds to
the content and clarity of the page. One major exception is that
multiple wives and children are included on the same page. The
children have not been numbered but could be when the exact order is
known and the numbers are not changing.

2. The References and Comments Section has numbered references and
comments which can be as extensive as desired. It should be detailed
enough where possible to establish validity to information included
in the basic family group sheet information above.

3. Links to Relatives and other Information contains links to:
    -Family Group Pages of Family Groups directly associated with this page.
    -Scanned Documents associated with this page.
    -Pictures of people and other Stuff related to this page.
    -Other pages with information related to this page.
    -Any link that may be helpful to reviewers of the pages.

4. Researcher interested in and providers of information for this page,
and includes their name and email address.

5. Page builder contact information as appropriate.

Ed Duvall
Rt 2 box 780
welch, OK 74369
United States