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Chiles Family Information

Provided by Carol Mitchell

References Needed: 1. Article::: [Brame, ‘Omnibus’. Book 12, 110; Mrs V. T. Smith, West Indies: Smith Collection, Vol. 15, pp. 110-111].

2.a copy of the Grant below....... Lee Papers, Mss1L51f673. Virginia Historical Society. Is said to have the 25 Nov 1671 order of the Council, through William Berkley, granted Susanna Giles (Chiles), relict & executrix of Walter Childes 200 acres of land for 99 years. One person says that this document says that Walter II is the son of Susanna widow of Walter I. But others do not say this. Definate need to know on this one...

Does anyone have these or can they get them. Remember you can order in VA microfilm at your local library from the VA State Library of the original records.....

Here is the 1st refrences I am sending out. Tidewater Virginia Families; A Magazine of History and Genealogy, Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis, Editon/Publisher:

Vol. #2, August/September 1992 & #3 November/December 1992 Walter Chiles, Father and Son by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis

P. 67: There are many theories about the lives of the two Walter Chiles, father and son, of Jamestown and about their wives and children. It is very difficult to identify the two men in relation to their individual activities, and even more difficult to be suree of who they married and accurately identify their children. This article is an attempt to bring together information that has been gathered from primary sources and to present a documented account of the two men. While it is tempting to resort to earlier printed material and the inferences drawn by earlier researchers, and to accept the earlier accounts of their lives, this article is an effort to rectify some of these misconceptions. While this may not be the final answer with regard to these two men, it is felt that it presents a more accurate picture than some that have been drawn in the past. It would be simple to go to the records of England and resolve the issues of the identity of Walter Chiles, who patented land in Charles City, County; when he was born and who he married. While work has been conducted among the English records, definitive inferences cannot at this time be drawn. Many of parish records of the period in question simply are not extant. Marriage and baptismal records that might identify Walter and his wife and children do not seem to be available. This makes it even more difficult to follow the continuity of his life in Virginia. With the further loss of the early records of the counties of residence of the two Walter Chiles in the colony of Virginia, it makes t almost impossible to be certain of conclusions that are drawn. Of all the families that this researcher has studied, the Chiles family has prompted the most discussion and provoked the most questions. There seem to be descendants of Walter Chiles in every corner and they all would like to be able to reconstruct the lives of the father and son in Virginia. So would his humble descendant, and the following is an attempt to do so. Walter Chiles of Charles City and James City Counties The Bristol Background of Walter Chiles of Virginia No documentation has been found to positively identify Walter Chiles of Charles City County with the apprentice and parish records of p. 68: Bristol, England, concerning two Walter Chiles named in the records there. [Brame, Arden Jr."The Augustan Society Omnibus". "The English Birth and Ancestry of Walter Chiles". 1987. Book 7, pp. 102-109 (English Genealogist, Issue 19,pp 16-23). Walter Chiles served on ‘The Blessing' from September 1636 to June 1637, spending fourteen weeks in Virginia. [High Court of Admiralty Libels and Depositions, (PRO Class HCA 13, 24 & 30), Public Record Office, London]. This information has been found in a deposition given by him on July 24, 1637. He identified himself as Walter Chiles of Bristol, a cloth worker, aged 29, or thereabouts. He served as an assistant to Henry Tutton, then the purser of ‘The Blessing'. Two Walter Chiles (Childes) of that period have been discovered in the Bristol area records: 1: Walter Childe son of Walter Childe of St. Mary Redcliff Parish was born Mar 20, 1608/9. [Brame 103; St. Mary Redcliff Parish Records]. 2: On April 1 1632 Walter Childes was recorded as "admitted to the liberties of this city [Bristol] for that he was the son of John Chiles". [Brame, Bristol Burgess Book, 1632-1633, p. 221]. It appears that Walter Childe of St. Mary Redcliff Parish may have died prior to 1647, for the will that has been found of Richard Childe of Poddington, Bedfordshire. [Brame, ‘Omnibus'. Book 12, 110; Mrs V. T. Smith, West Indies: Smith Collection, Vol. 15, pp. 110-111]. The land patents indicate that Walter Chiles, merchant, patented land on May 2, 1638, on the Appomattox River in Charles City County. [Nugent, Nell. "Cavaliers and Pioneers". Baltimore: Genealogical. 1991. Vol. I, p. 87; Land Patent Book 1 part II p. 551]. He claimed as headrights, Henry Tutton, Jon. Gerry, Jon. Shaw and Sarah Cole. On March 1, 1638/9 he repatented the 200 acres and an additional 200 acres for the personal adventure of himself, his wife, Elizabeth Chiles, and his sons, William and Walter (so identified in the patent). [Nugent I 103-104; L P Bk 1 p II 625]. P. 69: Conclusions..... Just as no documentation has been found to conclusively identify Walter Chiles of Charles City County with those found in the records of Bristol, England, of the approximate same time, no records have been found to positively identify the Walter Chiles of the deposition as the same person who executed the land patent of 1638 in Charles City County. While the proximity of the dates has led researchers to assume they were one and the same person; this cannot be definitively established. Henry Tutton was named in both court records associated with Walter Chiles. In the deposition, Walter Chiles was hired to serve under Henry Tutton, the purser of ‘The Blessing', however, in the land patent, it is implied that Walter Chiles paid the passage of Henry Tutton and claimed him as headright. While it may be accepted that Henry Tutton was named as a headright in the land patent of Walter Chiles, this does not conclusively imply that they were the same Walter Chiles. P. 70: Walter Chiles (I) of Charles City County Walter Chiles patented land in Charles City County on the Appomattox River on May 2, 1638 and on March 1, 1638/9. He brought to the Colony of Virginia with him, his wife, Elizabeth and his sons, William and Walter (so identified in the land patent). Walter Chiles served as a Burgess from Charles City county for the Assembly terms, 1641, 1642, 1643. By 1745 Walter Chiles represented James City County as Burgess, and again in 1646 and 1649. He purchased the Kemp House in Jamestown on March 23, 1648. Lef't. Col. Walter Chiles, member of the House of Burgesses was elected Speaker of the House, July 5, 1653. The bill of sale for the ship, Leopoldus, to Walter Chiles was dated Jul 12, 1653. Walter Chiles (I) died in 1653, as stated in the deed signed by Susanna Chiles, widow and executrix of Walter Chiles (II) deceased and identified as the son of Walter Chiles. [There are researchers who have questioned the implications (and relationship of the persons involved) of the sale of the Kemp House by Susanna Chiles Wadding to John Page. The deed clearly states that Susanna was acting as the executrix of her husband's estate, and it was his wish, as stated in his will, that his property be sold]. P. 71 Conclusions..... It appears that the above sequence of events all relate to the same Walter Chiles, since land was patented and repatented (1638, 1639, 1642, 1649) in Charles City County in his name, and in each case it was additional acreage with the same identification. He later served as a burgess from that county. He also later purchased land and a home in Jamestown and served as a burgess from James City County. He was identified as father to Walter Chiles in both a land grant (dated 20 May 1670), in which Walter Chiles was identified as the son and heir, and the deed conveying the Kemp House property (November 20 1673). The son Walter Chiles (II) was evidently the son of Elizabeth. There is no further record of the son, William. No surviving records have been found to indicate when Elizabeth Chiles died. As stated before, no records have been found among the parish records of England that have been examined, that give the marriage date of Walter and Elizabeth; or the birth dates of Walter and Elizabeth, the parents, or Walter and William, the sons. Walter Chiles may have married a second time and his wife may have been Alice Luckin. No concrete evidence has been found to document this, but as existing information is evaluated this possibility does exist. Although most researchers have concluded that the daughter of John Page was Mary Page, and that she married Walter Chiles, the son; this is no supported in the evidence at hand. It is believed that those researchers may have misinterpreted the identification by John Page of John Chiles and Elizabeth (Chiles) Tyler, as grandson and granddaughter, and taken these relationship literally when in fact they were relationships that, today would be designated as step-grandchildren. Alice Luckin may have, then, married John Page as her second husband. ‘To be continued' Carol (Gehrs) Mitchell, 134 Schnauzer Lane, Beaver Falls, PA 15010 724-847-4473 [using The Master Genealogist 3.5, WP8, Eudora]

Chiles family information, Part 2

Continued from Vol. 1, #2, page 71 p. 120. Walter Chiles, The Son Walter Chiles (II) of Jamestown Mr Walter Chiles represented James City County as Burgess in 1658. [Hening 1:506] He was appointed to a committee to proportion the levy in March 1660. [Hening. 2:31] He continued to represent James City County in 1663 and 1664. [Hening 2: 198, 211] Susanna Chiles [An inspection of the origina patent confirmed this name as correct] was listed as a headright in the land patent of William Drummond for land in James City County, dated March 26, 1662. [L.P. Bk 4, 12; Nugent I:400] William Drummond owned land adjoining land of Walter Chiles. An earlier patent by William & George Worsnam for land in Henrico County at Old Town on theAppomattox River named Sarah & Susan Chiles [an inspection of theoriginal patent confirmed the name Chiles (for each person) and the name Sarah; The name Susan was not legible] as headrights. It was dated February 15, 1652. [ L. P. Bk 3, 23; Nugent I : 238239] Walter Chiles of Jamestown added to the Kemp House property in August 1658, when he bought a brick house from Edward Hill. [Ambler Mss #6; Duvall 4:]. The house adjoined the one his father had bought. Documentation that Walter Chiles (II) was the son of Walter Chiles (I) can be found in the transfer of the land “Black Poynt”, on May 20, 1670, granted Walter Chiles, father by right of descent to Walter Chiles, son & heir. [L. P. Bk 6 413; Nugent II: 112] Walter Chiles patented land Apr 4 1671, in Westmoreland County on behalf of his sons, John & Henry Chiles. [McIlwaine, H. R. ed, ‘Minutes of the council and General Court of Colonial Virginia Richmond: Virginia State Library, 1979 p. 245] p. 121 Walter Chiles died between November 15 1671, [Ambler Mss #4] when he made his will and November 25, 167 when an order of the Council, through William Berkeley, granted Susanna Giles (Chiles), relict and executrix of Walter Childs 200 acres of land for ninety-nine years. “This land to remain with John Giles [later in the document identified as John Child] the eldest son of the said Walter Giles, deceased and ye said Susanna his wife.” [Lee Papers, Mss1L51f673. Virginia Historical Society]

John Chiles witnessed a deed from George Bates to Mr John Page on March 1673/4. [York Co Records Book 5, p. 65] Francis Page also witnessed the deed. Elizabeth Chiles witnessed a deed to John Page on February 4, 1673/4 also in York Co. [York 64-65]

John Chiles and Mary his wife deeded the lease from William Berkeley to Sir Edmond Andros on September 29 1693, on account of moving. The land was not described in detail, but was identified for the remainder of the term of ninety-nine years, and in such a manner that one would conclude that it was the same granted by Wm Berkeley to Susanna Chiles. [Lee Papers]

An entry dated June 25, 1684, in the York County records identified Henry Tyler as having married Elizabeth Chiles. [York County Deeds, Orders, Wills Etc Vol. VI p 499]

Conclusions... No conclusive evidence has been found as to the birth date of Walter Chiles II. It would seem from subsequent court documents that it is likely that he may have been married before the mid-1650's. From the deed witnessed by John Chiles in 1673/4, he must have been close to the age of twenty one at that time. It appears that he must not have been of age in 1671, when William berkeley and the Council granted Susanna Chiles a lease for 200 acres of land in her name (as executrix of the will of Walter Chiles) and in the name of John Chiles. It appears the land would have gone directly to John, as son & heir, had he been of age at that time. Contrary to most of what has been written about the Page Chiles connection, this same document clearly identified John Chiles as the son of Susanna and Walter Chiles. From this it would appear that she was his only wife (see quote from grant above). It seems likely that the Susanna Chiles claimed as headright by William Drummond (1662) was the wife of Walter Chiles, given the known associations of Drummond. The headright pruported to be Susan Chiles in 1652 by John Worsnan is less certain, but worthy of consideration. No information has been found to validate the claim by Mr Lanciano [Lanciano, Claude. Roswell, Garland of Virginia. Gloucester: Gloucester Historical Comm. 1978. P. 15] that the maiden name of Susanna Chiles was Page. The same chronologies of age exist in this instance that exist in relationship to Mary Page (see John Page following). Further, there is no mention in any of the court documents or history concerning the Page family, that has been found, to identify a daughter named Suanna. It is believed, from existing records that Susanna Chiles was the mother of the three children identified as the children of Walter Chiles (II) of Jamestown: John Chiles, Elizabeth Chiles, and Henry Chiles. It is further believed that these three children were all born at an earlier date than has heretofore been considered.

There will be a part 3 when I get it typed. Carol (Gehrs) Mitchell, 134 Schnauzer Lane, Beaver Falls, PA 15010 724-847-4473 [using The Master Genealogist 3.5, WP8, Eudora]

Chiles Family Information, Part 3

P. 123. Colonel John Page John Page patented land on the south side of York River and named, among others, Alice Page, Eliza Page, and Mary Page (without further identification) as headrights." No date was included in the patent. The preceding patent on the same page was dated September 11, 1653 [Hening 1:506]The inscription of John Page's gravestone gave his death date as January 23, 1692, aged sixty - five. [Hening 2:31] Thus he would have been born in 1627. The inscription of Alice Page's gravestone gave her death date as Jun 22, 1698, aged seventy-three. Thus she would have been born in 1625. [Hening 2: 198, 211] Alice Page has been identified with the maiden name of Alice Lukin because of the facimile of the Lukin family arms cut into her tombstone. [L.P. Bk 12; Nugent I:400] John Page of Middle Plantation made his will on March 5, 1686/7. He named his wife, Alice Page and his sons, Francis & Matthew, to whom he left his substantial holdings. [L. P. Bk 3 23: Nugent I: 238-239] He identified John Tyler [John Tyler identified himself as the grandson of Colonel John Page when he claimed his inheritance on August 19, 1706], John Tyler was contingent heir to 200 acres of land in James City Coutny, which he received after the death of Francis Page (son of John Page) in 1692. [L. P. Bk 6 413; Nugent II: 112] John Page identified John Chiles as his grandson when he bequeathed him a mourning ring. He also bequeathed mourning rings "to his coz. Henry Tyler and his wife, and to his sister, Eliz: Diggs". Alice Page made her will on November 12 1696 and died on June 22, 1698. [McIlwaine, H. R. ed Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia. Richmond: Virginia State Library. 1979. p. 245] She left her estate to her son , Matthew Page and his children: Mann, Alice, & Mary Page. She did not name any Chiles connections as legatees in her will. p. 124: Francis Page, the son of Colonel John Page, made his will on April 23, 1692. [Ambler Mss #6: Duvall 4] and died on May 10 1692 at the age of thirty five. His wife had already died, and he left one child, Elizabeth Page. In his will, he bequeathed mourning rings to his "cussen Tyler and his wife", among a number of other persons. Conclusions:... John Page was twenty six years old in 1653 when he named Alice Page, Elizabeth Page and Mary Page as headrights in a land patent. Alice seems to have been his wife and Elizabeth Page was evidently his sister, as he later identified Elizabeth Diggs (the wife of Edward Diggs) [Lee Papers, Mss1L51f673. Virginia Historical Society] as his sister. The identity of Mary Page is not clear. Some have thought she may have been the wife of John's brother, Matthew. She could have been an early wife; however, in a land patent of Mtthew Pgge (sic) on March 19 , 1662, the patent identified his wife at that time as Elizabeth Crump, the widow of John Crump. [York County Records Book 5, p. 65] Since John Chiles served as a witness to a deed involving John Page in 1673/74 it would appear that he was close to being of age at that time. Under those circumstances he would have probably been born about the year 1655. [York 64-65] At this time, John Page, himself, would have been only about twenty-eight years old. Chrononlogically it is not realistic to think of Mary Page as a daughter of John Page, who married Walter Chiles, and was the mother of John Chiles. Given the known information about Walter Chiles (II) and about John Page, there is little likelihood that Walter Chiles (II) married, first, a daughter of John Page. John Page's identification in his will of John Tyler, grandson, Elizabeth Tyler and John Chiles as granddaughter and grandson respectively, seems indicative of kinship of a different nature. Later York county records indicate a continuing relationship between the Tyler family and the Page family. Henry Tyler's mother requested the favor of John Page as her "well-beloved friend' in a document dated 1672. [Lee Papers]. "Henry Tyler and wife" were named as "cousins" in both the wills of John and Francis Page, and it would seem that this may have been more related to their associations with Henry Tyler, than with his wife. The legacy left John Tyler may have been for the same reasons. As a munber of researchers have observed, it may have ben the namesake connection that prompted the above legacy, as well as that of the mourning ring to John Chiles, to the exclusion of his brother, Henry. The term grandson may have been used, as it was in that time, to designate a step-child relationship. Alice Page did not identify any Chiles grandchildren, no name any of the Chiles family in her will. It appears that John Page may well have married Alice Lukin, the widow of Walter Chiles (I). Dr Lyon G Tyler wrote of his conviction that this was the only logical explanation for the relationship. [York County Deeds, Orders, Wills, Etc. Vol. VI, p. 499.]. and further stated that Edward Neill in Virginia Carolorum erred in his identification of Captain John Page. [Lanciano, Claude. Roswell, Garland of Virginia. Gloucester: Gloucester Historical Comm. 1978. P. 15] "He meant to say that Captain John Page was the father-in-law of Walter Chiles, son of Col. [Walter] Chiles. Father-in-law then meant stepfather and John Page's wife, Alice, was doubtless the widow of Colonel Walter Chiles." Dr Tyler went on to elaborat, by saying it was the only satisfactory explanation he could give to the nature of John Page's will; his consideratio of his collateral relatives of the Page blood and his scant recognition of the Chiles "grandchildren". He further observed that Alice Page did not mention the Chiles children in her will. [I have other relatives from the same areas in England and many did not name all there children or gr-children, in fact most did not, this is a very strange conclusion from my view point C. Mitchell, I would need more facts before I could say what people ment back then] Carol (Gehrs) Mitchell, 134 Schnauzer Lane, Beaver Falls, PA 15010 724-847-4473 [using The Master Genealogist 3.5, WP8, Eudora]

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