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Deacon Family Group Pages Index

This is an index to all the family group pages that are set up for this Family.
Each individual page has links to the parents and children of each group,
if they have been set up on a page. 

Links to Deacon Family Group Pages

#1. Percy Deacon:
#2. George Deacon and Angie Shoudy: Son of #1.
#3. Robin Deacon and Cora Riley: Son of #2.
#4. Robert Deacon and Frances Irene McKinzie: Son of #3.

Links to Related Families

Isreal Shoudy, Sr.: Father of Angie (Shoudy) Deacon.
Lewis Riley: Father of Cora (Riley) Deacon
Charles McKinzie: Father of Frances Irene (McKinzie) Deacon
Riley Family Index:
McKinzie Family Index: