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Born:?, Died:Tulsa, Oklahoma
Father: George Deacon, Mother: Angie Shoudy
Married: Sept. 5, 1911, Independence, Kansas,
Cora Ann Riley,Born: Jan. 2, 1894, Nowata, I.T., Oklahoma,
    Died: March 13, 1997, Commerce, OK, Buried: North Edna Cemetery, Edna, OK,
Father: Lewis Porter Riley, Born: Oct.20, 1863, Clinton, Douglas Co., Kansas
Mother:Melinda Elizabeth Compston, Born: April 20, 1870, Platte City, Missouri
  Died: Aug, 9, 1960, Eldorado. Kansas, Buried: Bartlet, Kansas
Ernest Clifford Deacon, Born: June 10, 1913, Craig Co., Oklahoma
Robert Clifton Deacon, Born: Aug. 23,1915, Craig Co., Oklahoma
    Married: Framces Irene McKinzie
Ray Deacon, Born: Nov. 7, 1917, Craig Co., Oklahoma 
Leroy Deacon, Born: Feb. 23, 1919, Craig Co., Oklahoma
Dorothy Marie Deacon, Born: Craig Co., Oklahoma
Thelma Irene Deacon, Born: Craig co., Oklahoma 


Links to Relatives and other information

Son Robert Deacon: Robert Deacon and frances Irene McKinzie Family
Robin Deacon's Parents: George Deacon Family
Cora Ann Riley's Parents: Lewis Porter Riley Family
Obituary: Cora Ann (Riley) Deacon

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