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Cherie Edward Duvall

This is the beginning of family history information starting with me.
born: July 17, 1934 Welch, Craig Co., oklahoma.
Married: Sandra Joan Deacon July 30,1954 Miami, Ottawa Co. Oklahoma.
             Born Feb.26,1938 Welch, Craig Co. Oklahoma.  
Sherry Ann Duvall b. April 10, 1955 Miami, Ottawa Co., Oklahoma.
Deborah Ruth Duvall b. january 19,1957 Miami, Ottawa Co., Oklahoma.
Catherine Renee Duvall b. Dec. 26,1957 Miami, Ottawa Co.,Oklahoma.
Jacqueline Michelle Duvall b. april 15,1959 Miami,Ottawa Co., Okla.
Jack Cook Duvall b. July 7,1916 Welch, Craig Co., Oklahoma.
Ruby Lee Walker b. Feb. 10, 1916 Welch, Craig Co., Oklahoma.
    Died: Jan. 4, 1983 Commerce, Oklahoma 


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Ed duvall
442455 East 60 Road
Welch, OK 74369
United States