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John Cook Duvall

Born: Oct. 14,1879 Greene Co. Missouri
Died: Feb 22,1958 Vinita, Oklahoma
Buried: Welch Cemetary Welch, Oklahoma
Father: William Basset Duvall  Mother:America Annis (Young) Duvall
Married:Jan. 8,1908 Greene Co. Missouri
Florence Edith Grimes
    Born: Jan. 11, 1880 Carroll Co. Missouri
    Died: Aug. 28,1951 Welch, Oklahoma
    Buried: Welch Cemetary Welch, Oklahoma
FATHER: Edward Grimes Mother: Nancy Caroline "Carrie" (Bostick) Grimes

Dorothy Ethelyn Duvall, Born Sept. 01, 1909 Greene Co. Missouri
   Died Dec. 03, 1944 Oklahoma.
Meridith Duvall born May 4,1911 Craig Co., Oklahoma
   died Sept. 13,1912 Craig Co., Oklahoma.
Margaret Ruth Duvall, Born Sept. 13, 1913 Craig Co. Oklahoma
   Died ?????????????? Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Jack Cook Duvall, Born July 07, 1916 Welch, Oklahoma
   Married Ruby Lee Walker
   Died ?????????????? Commerce,Oklahoma.


1. John Cook Duvall was always called "Cook". He came to Oklahoma about 1910 and opened a business in vinita. Some time later he moved to Welch where he was in business for many years. He had a farm produce business located on main street for many years, he closed the business in 1940 and the Welch City Building now is located on the property. Cook had several pieces of farm property, raised cattle, and made loans to many local residents over the years. Cook loved to hunt, fish, play cards, pet women, drink whiskey and enjoy life. 2. Florence Edith (Grimes) Duvall was called "Bobbie" by much of the family and friends, she was also called "Murr" by Grandson Cherie Duvall. She loved to garden and always had a large strawberry patch and a flower garden with many kinds of roses. She always baked her own bread, churned her own butter and always had something good to eat when family was there. These are some of my(Cherie) rememberances of her: she made lie soap, she rocked me until my feet drug the floor, she let me rummage through her drawers and closets, like a treasure hunt, she gave me change for candy, she loved me, she protected me.

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