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Robert Gregory

Born:  ?? Died: Feb. 1875 (1)
Lucinda Caroline Reed, Born: 1840, St. Francis, Buchanan Co.,Mo., Died: July 26,1903
William Thomas Gregory, B: Oct.7
Jimmy Gregory, Died in Infancy.
Ida Bell Gregory, B: Feb.7,1875, Madison Co., Mo., D: July 26,1956, Vinita, Ok.
   Married: Chester Fields McCoy
Lucinda Caroline (Reed) Gregory later Married Charles W. Freeman


1. When Ida Bell Gregory was about two weeks oldMr. Gregory had gone across
the river and before his return "itcame a flood". He left his team and swam 
the river to get home. Shortly after swimming the river he was "taken with
a congestive chill" and died.
2. According to the obituary of Ida Bell McCoy she came to Indian territory
at the age of 12. 

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Daughter Ida Bell Gregory: Chester Fields McCoy Family

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