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Judge John Martin

Born: Oct. 20,1781, Martinsville, Va., Died: Oct.17,1840,Ft. Gibson, CN,I.T.
Father: John "Jack" Martin, Mother: Susannah Emory??                 
Married: Nellie McDaniel, 
Martha "Patsy" Martin, Born: April 7,1815
   Married: George Washington Adair, June 25,1829,
Annie Martin, M: Benjamin Franklin Thompson,
Joseph Lynch Martin, B: Aug. 20,1820, Ga., D: Nov. 9,1891 
   Married: (1)Julia Lombard, (2) Sallie Childers, (3) Lucy Rogers, 
    (4) Caroline Garrett, (5) Jennie Harlin,
Brice Martin, M: Sarah Jones,
Gabriel martin, M: Eliza Webber,
Susannah Martin, M: Clement Vann McNair,
Richard Fields Martin,
Ellen Martin, Married: James Jeremiah Vann,
Charlotte Martin, M: Joseph Martin Lynch,
Jennie Martin, M: John Adair Bell, 
Eliza Martin,
   M:(1)Benjamin Franklin Adair, (2)Devotion O. Wright, (3) John A. Richards
John Martin, M: (1) Eliza Vann, (2) Martha Chambers,
Nannie Martin, M: (1) David Bell, (2) William Cunningham, (3) Bluford West Alberty,
Cicero Martin,
Rachel Martin, M: Samuel Bell,
Pauline Martin, M: (1) Braxton Nicholson, (2) Levi Sidney,
   (3)Thomas Landrum, (4) Robert Rogers,
Married: Second Lucy McDaniel
Amelia "Millie" Martin, Married: John B. Duncan,


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C638 John Martin, born October 20, 1781. His wives, Nellie and Lucy
McDaniel, were half-breeds and sisters. He was elected November 12, 1835, as one of the Commissioners to ''lay off'' the town of New Echota, Capitol of the Cherokee Nation, East. He was a signer of the treaties of July 8, 1817, and February 27, 1819. He was elected Treasurer of the Cherokee Nation in 1819. Was elected Supreme Judge of the Cherokee Nation in 1821. He was a member of the Constitutional Convention of July 26, 1827, from Coosawaytee District. He died October 17, 1840. Lucy Martin nee McDaniel died September 25, 1860. [Editor's Note: It appears that the father of John Martin was John ''Jack'' Martin, the brother of Joseph Martin, rather than Joseph Martin. Several letters were written in 1831 to Gov. George R.
Gilmer of Georgia in response to his queries regarding the white ancestry of many of the Cherokee leaders. At least two of the letters state that John Martin's father was John or Jack Martin, the brother of Joseph Martin. These letters have been published in Whites Among the Cherokees, collected and edited by Mary B. Warren and Eve B. Weeks, Heritage Papers, Danielsville, GA 30633, in 1987.

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