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Alexander McCoy

Born: ca. 1780-1790
Father: Daniel McCoy, Mother: Lucy Fields,
Married: First,
Father:??George Lowrey??, Mother:Sallie Lowrey
Married: Second,
Aky Gunter, B: 1798,
Father: John Gunter,II, Mother: Catherine "Katy" (Cherokee Name GHE-NO-HE-LI)
John Lowrey McCoy, B:Dec.12,1812, D:Feb.3,1892,
Lucy McCoy,
   Married: James Gatlin,
Married: Third,
Sarah Elizabeth Hicks,
Elvina McCoy,   Married: George Washington Fields,
Mary Ann McCoy,   Married: Washington Starr,   Married: George Gann,
Richard Martin McCoy, B: June 8,1827, D: Nov. 18, 1884,   
    Married: Ellen Adair, July 23, 1851, Ellen Born: Aug. 21, 1835,
Arminita McCoy,   M: Blueford West Rider, M: James Starr, M: Andrew Sawders, M: Joseph Tapp 
Edward Hicks McCoy, M: Sallie Swimmer Nee Haley
Charles R. McCoy, M: Nannie Watts, M: Arie Ann Massey,
Elizabeth McCoy, M: Ellis Sanders,
Nancy Caroline McCoy, M:James Lafayette Bigby 


1. E. Starr "History Of The Cherokee Indians"
2. George Morrison Bell "Genealogy of the old and new Cherokee Indians"
3. Chester F. McCoy, Eastern Cherokee Application No. is 6032.
     IN this application Chester Claims That his Grandmother McCoy Was
      Aky McCoy nee Gunter. Pauline J. Mann, his sister makes the same claim.
4. "Will Rogers Official Genealogy and Bibliography" Pat Lowe
     -page 39 Gunter Family
5. Starr note H343 Richard Martin McCoy.
6. See Gunter Family Documention Link Below. 

Links to Relatives and other information

Alexander McCoy's Father: Daniel McCoy
Alexander McCoy's son: John Lowrey McCoy
George Lowrey:
Gunter Family Documentation: Aky (Gunter) McCoy's Father and Grandfather

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