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Chester Fields McCoy

Born: May 14,1859, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, Died: Nov. 13,1942,Craig Co. Ok.
Father: John Lowery McCoy, Mother: Lucy Jane Adair
Married: Sept. 6, 1891,
Ida Bell Gregory, Born: Feb. 7,1875,Madison Co., Mo., Died: Dec. 8,1956, Vinita.ok.
Father: Robert Gregory, Mother: Caroline Reed,
Foster L. McCoy, Born: April 5,1893,CN,I.T., Died:April 22,1893,
John Martin McCoy, Born:(1) Sept. 29,1894,CN,I.T., Died: Dec. 15,1950,
Minnie Vada McCoy, Born:(2) Nov. 24,1896,CN,I.T.,
    Married: Edgar Clarence Melvin, Married: Warren A.(Boot) Miller,
Robert L. McCoy, Born:(3) Nov.16,1898, Choctaw Nation,I.T.,
Fredonia Isabell McCoy, B:(4) Feb.9,1900,CN,I.T., D: Oct.25,1966, Vinita Ok.
    Married: Charles William McKinzie
    Married: Charlie White
Lucy Jane McCoy, B:(4)July 24,1902, CN,I.T.,Married: John McKinzie,
Mayday B. McCoy,B: Aug. 12,1904, D: Feb. 14,1905,
Pauline Ann McCoy,B:(5)CN,I.T., M: John Diebold,
Baby Boy McCoy
William Edward McCoy, B:(4)Nov. 15,1912, Craig Co., Ok.   


1. Martin Bell Home- west of the present town of Chelsa, OK.
2. Cody"s Bluff- directly east of the Nowata,Ok. on the Verdigris River. 
3. Rabbit Ridge- near the town of Caney, Atoka Co., Ok.
4. McCoy Home- located northwest of Welch, Ok.
5. Centralia, craig Co., Ok.
6. Cherokee Nation- Cherokee Roll 1907 Field no 3960.
7. Caroline (Reed) McCoy married Charles W. Freeman
8. Eastern Cherokee Application #6032 Chester F. McCoy 
CN=Cherokee Nation.
I.T.=Indian Territory 

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Fredonia Isabell McCoy: and Charles William McCoy Family
Chester McCoy's Parents: John Lowrey McCoy Family
Ida Bell Gregory's Parents: Robert Gregory Family

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