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Daniel McKinzie

Born: 1792 Virginia
Rhoda ????
James McKinzie, Born: 1825 Virginia, Married: Rebecca Rigg
Joshua McKinzie, Born: 1827, Tennessee
Juliet McKinzie, Born: 1829, Tennessee
Celia McKinzie, Born: 1832, Iowa
William McKinzie, Born: 1834, Illinois
George McKinzie, Born: 1836, Illinois, Married: Lucy ???
Sarah McKinzie, Born: 1839, Illinois
Martha McKinzie, Born: 1841, Illinois
Jerusha McKinzie, Born: 1844, Illinois
Emaly McKinzie, Born: 1849, Illinois   


1. Marriage Certificate Of James McKinzie and Rebecca Rigg dated Sept. 1, 1845
   Edwards Co., Illinois, registered Sept 10, 1845.
2. 1860 census:
    Daniel McKinzie Family, dwelling no. 703 Edwards Co., Illinois
    James McKinzie Family, dwelling no. 705 Edwards Co., Illinois
3. 1950 census
    Daniel McKinzie Family Number 523, Edwards Co., Illinois
    James McKinzie Family Number 81, Edwards Co., Illinois
4. Elizabeth Wheeler age 50, born in Va. living with James in 1850.
5. Elizabeth Whorten age 62, born in Va. living with james in 1860.
6. Elizabeth Wheeler and Elizabeth Whorten may be the same person and may be
 Rebecca's mother, James mother in law. ???????
7. 1785 census, Albemarle Co., Virginia lists a Daniel McKinzie

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James McKinzie and Rebecca Rigg Family:

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