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Jesse James McKinzie

Born: June 13, 1888, Oswego, Kansas
Father: Thomas Jefferson McKinzie, Mother: Ida Mae Nading
Zada Inez Loshbaugh, Born: July 15, 1898, Welch,Oklahoma(IT)
Wayne L. McKinzie, Born: May 5,1926, Welch, Ok., Died: April 6, 1927
Emma Kathleen McKinzie, Born:May 26,1928, Welch,Ok.
   Married: Virgil Roy Jenks
Kenneth LeRoy McKinzie, Born: April 29,1930
Esthel Denzel McKinzie, Born: July 24,1932
   Married: Donna Caroline Cornelius, Born: March 15,1941
Marilyn Louise McKinzie, Born: march 9,1941
   Married: Larry Ray Mulvarry, Born: May 25,1941    


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