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Thomas Jefferson McKinzie

Born: July 31, 1858, Grayville, Edwards Co., Ill. Died: Dec. 20,1936, Welch, Ok.
Father: James McKinzie, Mother: Rebecca Rigg
Ida Mae "Emma" Nading, Born: July 7, 1858 Grayville,Edwards Co.,Ill.
   Died: June 1905, Welch, oklahoma
Father: Samuel Nading, Mother: Melvina Delcena Fisher
Bess McKinzie, Born: June 13, 1888, Oswego, Kan. M: Arthur Berry
Jesse James McKinzie, Born: june 13, 1888, oswego, Kan. M: Zada Inez Loshbaugh 
Charles William McKinzie, B: Dec. 19,1889, Oswego, Kan. D:Nov 16,1958 Welch,Ok.
  Married: Fredonia Isabell McCoy
John McKinzie, B:Feb. 12,1894, Oswego,Kan., M: Lucy Jane McCoy 
Jose McKinzie, B:Oct. 21,1895, Oswego,Kan., D:may 1957, Vinita Ok.
Samuel McKinzie, B: July 7,1895, Centralia, Ok. D: Sept. 11,1920
Susan McKinzie, B: July 7, 1895  Centralia, Ok.
Albert Ray Mckinzie, B: July 29,1896, Centralia, Ok.
Alice McKinzie, B: Aug. 21,1901, Centralia, Ok., M: John Parker
Austin McKinzie, B: Feb. 27,1905, Centralia, Ok.   


1. Thomas J. McKinzie death certificate
2. Marriage License for James McKinzie and Rebecca Rigg dated Sept. 1, 1845
3. Moved from Edwards Co., Ill. to Labette Co. Kan. about 1871
4. 1860 census Edwards Co., Illinois, Dwelling No. 705
5. The Nading's(Noting) were members of the Moravian Church in North Carolina
6. 1850 census Edwards Co., Ill., Family number 81

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Thomas Jefferson McKinzie's Parents:
Jesse James McKinzie: And Zada Inez Loshbaugh Family
Ida May Nading's Parents: Samuel Nading and Melvina Delcena Fisher Family

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