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Charles Leander Nading

Born: 1820 North Carolina,
Father: George Nading, B: 1783, N.C., Mother: Ann ?
Married: June 22, 1841, Edwards Co., Illinois,
Katherine Clodfelter, B:1819 N.C.
John Nading, B:1842,Ill.
Samuel Nading, B:1844,Ill., M: Melvina Delcena Fisher
Jacob Nading, B:1844, Ill.
Henry Nading, B:1847, Ill.
Sallie Nading, B: 1847, Ill.
Eliza Nading, B: 1850,Ill.
Charles Nading, B: 1854, Ill.
Mary Nading, B: 1855, Ill.
Barriton Nading, B: 1856,Ill.
Martha Nading, B: 1858, Ill.
George Nading, B: 1860, Ill.
Edwin Nading, B: 1860, Ill.
Lora Nading, B: 1862, Ill.  


1. 1850 census Edwards Co., Ill., Family No. 496
2. 1860 census Edwards Co., Ill., Dwelling No. 565
3. "Record of the Morovians in N.C., Vol. IX 1838-1847
   -Page 4442 Brother George Nading in Rothrock Settlement in 1838.
   -Page 4571 Sept.2,1840 visited at the home of Geo. and Jacob Nading
    Whom we found Preparing to move to Ill.

Links to Relatives and other information

Charles Nading's Father: George Nading
Samuel Nading: And Melvina Delcena Fisher Family

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