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Duvall Family Photo Album

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Rebecca Deacon: Joan's Sister
Tyler Garrett: Cherie's Nieces Son
Sandra Joan (Deacon) Duvall 1997: Cherie's Wife
Zac Martin: Grandson
Cherie Duvall and Family 1987:
Christine: Easter Dress 1998
Sherry and christine 1997:
Maggie Grooms 1997, Dec 1998:
Maggie Grooms 1998:
Dustin Garrett: Cherie's Nieces Son
Cherie's First Grade Picture:
Cherie Edward Duvall 1997:
Jack and Ruby Duvall, about 1940: Cherie Edward Duvall's Parents
Christine and Dustin: 1997
Christine Edens : 1997
Jackie and Christine Edens: 1997
Dustin, Tyler, and Christine: Halloween 1998
Marci: Halloween 1998
Tyler Garrett and Kelcie Duvall: November 1998
Kelcie Duvall:
Bryan and Kids: Dustin, Tyler, and Christine November 1998
Christine Edens: School picture 1998
Library: February 1999

Ed Duvall
rt 2 box 780
welch, OK 74369
United States