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Lewis Porter Riley

Born: Oct. 20,1863, Clinton, Ka., Died: June 6,1942, Elk Hart, Ka.
Father: John Riley, Mother: Menerva Porter, Buried: Riley Cemetary, Nowata, Ok.
Married: 1887 Indian Territory,
Milenda Elizabeth Compston, B: April 20,1870Platte City, Mo., D: Aug. 9,1960, Eldorado, Ka.,
Father: William Henry Compston,
Mother: Cennie or Senie Thomas,
Randolph Riley. B:1888/9, D:1888/9,
John William Riley, B: Feb.2,1890, Nowata, C.N.,I.T.
Cleo Ora Riley, B: 1892 Nowata, C.N.,I.T.,
Cora Ann Riley, B: 1894 Nowata, C.N.,I.T.
   Married: Robin Deacon
Lewis Wesley Riley, B: Nov. 1,1896,
Rufus Riley, B: Aug. 16,1898,
Mary Ellen Riley, B: Nov. 26, 1900, Nowata, C.N.,
   Married: Bennet McBride,
Evelyn Riley, B: Dec. 6,1902, Nowata, C.N.,
   Married: (1) Preston Cook, (2) John Jones,
Richard Wilson Riley, B: March 28, 1905,
Theadore Riley, B: 1907, Edna, Ka.,
James Porter Riley, B: Aug. 5,1913, Edna, Ka.,
Victoria Elizabeth Riley, B: Edna, Ka. 

References and Comments

1. Lewis porter Riley was a farmer and attended the Methodist Church.

Links to Relatives and other Information

Parents of Lewis Porter Riley : John Riley Family
Daughter Cora Ann Riley: and Robin Deacon Family
Parents of Milenda Elizabeth Compston: William Henry Compston Family


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