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Looney Riley

Born: Nov. 12,1800, Died: Feb. 28,1883, Cherokee Nation
Father: Samuel Riley, Mother: Gu-Lu-Sti-Yi Of the Long Hair Cherokee Clan
Married: 1818 Georgia,
Rachel Stuart, B: Dec. 21,1800, D: April 15, 1883, Cherokee Nation
Eliza Riley, B: ca.1820, M: George Harlan,
Belinda George Riley, B: ca. 1822, M: Richard Coody,
Samuel King Riley, B: Nov. 30,1824, D: March 31,1875
John Riley, B: 1827, D: 1890, M: Menerva Porter,
Mary Jane Riley, B: ca. 1829, M: Watson Walker,
Rufus Riley, B: ca. 1831,
Lucy Riley, B: ca. 1833, M: Andrew Jackson Greenway,
Sallie Riley, B: ca. 1835, M: Samuel Coody,
Ellen Riley, B: ca. 1837, M: William Roach,
Randolph Riley, B: ca. 1839, M: (1) Eliza Coody, Mo., (2) Ellen Harlow

References and Comments

1. Left Tennessee Nov. 18,1829 by Watercourse(boat).
2. Data supplied by Mrs. Wilber Green, Enid,Ok. in the late 1960's.
3. "Old Cherokee Families Notes of Emmet Starr" note F606 gives the
   birth and death dates for Looney and Rachel.

Links to Relatives and other information:

Loony's Parents: Samuel Riley Family
Son John: John Riley Family