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Born: ca 1810, Bathurst, Ontario, Canada (re: family tree maker),
Father: John Tovey, B: ca1771, Bathurst, Ontario,Canada,D:Dec 22,1850 
Mother: Margaret ?, B: ca1779, D: April 12,1847 Bathurst,Ontario, Canada
Married: Nov. 25, 1835,
Catherine Tierney,
Mary Margaret Tovey, B: Oct.1836,
John Tovey, B: Sept.1838, D: March 1844,
James Tovey, B: Jan. 1840, D: 1845,
Peter Tovey Born: Feb. 4, 1841 Canada, Died: Aug. 6, 1921, Welch,Ok.  
    Married: Anna M. Leach,
Mike Tovey Born: Feb. 4, 1841,
Note: Family Tree Maker lists these Twins as born Feb. 3,1842.
William Tovey,
Thomas Tovey,
Johanna Tovey B: May 1847,
Edward Tovey,B: Nov,1848,
Bridget Tovey,B:Nov,1848,Catherine Tovey, B: March 1850,  


1. Peter Tovey's Death certificate.
2. Family memory says that the Tovey's were part of a morman
    migration that came to Canada and then to Omaha, Neb.
3. Mrs. Thomas Tovey(Laura Tovey)of Coffeville,Kansas supplied much 
    of this Information in 1968.
4. Family Tree Maker CD.  

Links To Relatives and other information

Peter Tovey and Anna Leach Family:
Michael Tovey's Father: John Tovey

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