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Born: Feb. 4, 1841 Canada
Died: Aug. 6, 1921 Welch, Oklahoma Buried: Welch Cemetary
Father: Micheal Tovey Born: Ireland Mother: 
married:(first) Anna M. Leach Born:Mar. 20, 1860 Georgia
Died: Nov. 30,1908 Craig Co., OKlahoma
Josephine (Josie) C. Tovey Married John Merrell
Thomas W. Tovey Born: 1881
Della M. Tovey Born: 1884 Married:  Gillispie
Anna L Tovey Born: 1886
Frank L. Tovey Born: Nov. 17,1889
Hoolie B. Tovey Born: Nov. 11, 1891
Ruby Dimple Tovey Born: Aug.7,1895 Indian Territory, Oklahoma
   Married: Thurman Jesse Walker
Novel J. Tovey Born: Nov. 30, 1897
Married:(second) Susie Martin (see Emitt Starr page 312)


1. Peter Tovey Death certificate lists:
     -his place of birth as canada.
     -his father Micheal born in Ireland.
     -his mother's place of birth as Ireland.
2. Anna M. Leach was a 1/16 Cherokee Indian and there records:
     -Eastern Cherokee Application No. 2899, Dawes Role No.24034, Miller Role No.27197, Etc. 

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