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John Young

Born: May 4,1812, Philadelphia, PA (1),(2), 
Died: Aug.30,1898, Greene Co., mo., Buried: Danforth Cemetary,
Father: Charles Abner Young, Mother: Mary Elizabeth Jaquis,
Lockie Wasson, B: April 4,1816, Tenn.
Died: Sept. 20,1890, Greene Co.,Mo., Buried: Danforth Cemetary
Father: B: S.C., Mother: B:Tenn.
Charles A. Young, B: Sept.25,1836, Tenn., Died: Feb. 18,1863(Killed in Cival War),
M: ? Williams
Mary Elizabeth Young, B: May 25, 1838, Tenn., D: Dec.1,1859,
   M: ? Henderson(stayed in Tenn.)
Lockie Young,(died young) B: Oct. 11,1859, D: Jan, 15, 1860,
James A. Young,B: May 9,1840, Tenn., D: July 4,1863, Helena, Ark., 
Benjamin C. Young, B: Feb.20, 1842, Tenn., 
Mollie Young, B: Jan.8,1844,
George Triger Young, B: May 25, 1846, Milton, Tenn., D: Feb.25, 1928, Stafford,MO 
   M: Neaty H. Wharton,(1849-1929)
Robert W. Young, B: Feb.19, 1848, Tenn., D: Nov.2, 1857,
   Died as he and his family were moving fron Tenn. to Mo. and was buried near Licking, Mo.
America Annis Young, B:Feb.16,1850, Tenn., D: Sept. 20,1930, Greene Co. Mo.
   Married: William Bassett Duvall
Nancy"Fannie" Elsa Young, B: Dec. 8, 1851, Tenn.
John"Jack" Martin Young, B: June 24, 1856, Tenn.,
Angeline W. Young, B: Nov.23, 1857 Mo., D: Jan. 28, 1931,
Samuel Young, B: 1858 Mo., M: ? Tratham,    


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4. 1880 census, Webster Co.,Mo., G.(George) T. Young family
5. 1880 census, Greene Co. ,Mo., John young Family
6. "Missouri Pioneers" by Nading Hodges ???? Samuel Young 
7. "Decendants of Charles Abner Young" by Harry Arthur Young November 13,1998. 

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Harry Young

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welch, OK 74369
United States