Cherie Edward Duvall's Master Index of Family Group Pages

The following links are either to other indexes by family name or
to a specific family group. When reviewing a family group page keep 
in mind that the links following the family information are to the
parents and children of the family group, if they have been set up.  

Master Index of Families:

Adair, Benjamin Franklin : and Eliza Martin
Boyd, William David: and Elizabeth Oxford
Compston, William: and Sarah Thomas
Deacon family Index:
Duvall Family Index:
Emory, William: and Mary Grant
Fields, Richard, Sr.: and Susannah Emory
Grant Ludovic:
Gregory, Robert: and Lucinda Caroline Reed
Grimes Family Index:
Langley, Jack: and Sarah Parris
Leach, John: and Mary Langley
Lowrey, George:
Martin Family Index:
McCoy, Family Index :
McKinzie Family Index:
Nading, Samuel: and Melvina Delcena Fisher
Nelson, William:
Abel Oxford : and Edith Rogers
Parris, Moses: and Annie Wickett
Payne, William: and Sarah Nelson
Riley Family Index :
Chief John Rogers: and Elizabeth Coody
Shoudy, Isreal, Sr.: and Abigail Allen
Peter Tovey : and Anna Leach
Walker Family Index:
Yeargain, John: and Elizabeth Bain
Young, John:
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